the entreprenuer

With the success of this multiple barber shops, Larry elevated higher and in 2004, he opened his first barber college in the Chicago, IL. Larry’s mission for the barber college is to provide the community a positive, professional atmosphere for barber training, career development, client servicing and mentoring to provide students a better alternative.  Larry went on to open 2 more barber colleges and in 2010, Larry, with the support of his team, made history by opening the first barber college inside Cook County Department of Corrections. This was the first if its kind and many did not believe that it would work. The barber college inside Cook County Jail does not receive any monetary compensation, so Larry decided to start Data Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization that provides resources and finances for the Jail program and this colleges.

Larry also has products on the market that he produce; Larry’s Bristal Brushes, Larry’s Bump Therapy and a instructional DVD entitled “Cutting hair with Larry. In 2015 Larry wrote and published a book “Suicide Is Not the Answer” this is his biography that showed the struggle and how he overcame child molestation, being a womanizer, going through 3 marriages, getting locked up in jail and feeling like God hated him because of his circumstances.

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