Larry’s Online Barber Battle -Canceled-

Welcome to Larry’s Online Barber Battle where you have the opportunity to compete against some of the greatest barbers and stylist in the world. Now is your chance to not only show the world that you are one of the best but 1st prize is $10,000 2nd prize is $5,000 and 3rd prize is $2,500. There are 9 categories to compete in, fastest bald fade, tag team, best flat top cut, best mohawk, loc and style, best man unit and cut, best beard, best all even cut and the graphic hair cut. You can compete in as many categories as you would like but you must pay the entry fee for each category you enter.

Rules: You must record yourself doing the cut or style to insure all competitors are performing the service fairly. The time limit for graphics, man unit application and style and loc and style is 90 minutes. Fastest bald fade must not only be quick but have quality. The remaining categories is 60 minutes for performance. Note: you can use color of choice which would enhance your chances to win but it still must be done within the time frame you are given. The deadline to register is February 16, 2019 at midnight.

Rules for voting: Each participant can solicit votes on your social media daily throughout the day. Anyone can vote up to 5 times everyday until the competition ends. After the February 16, 2019. deadline and final instructions are given, participants would instruct family and friends to text a keyword to 555888 and votes will be electronically counted. Your keyword will be your first name, initial of your last name and obb. [ Example; LarryRobb 1 word no spaces ]

After you complete the cut and style your must take 4 pictures front, back, left and right side. Subscribe to Larry Roberts YouTube channel and email your full video and pictures to Then you will upload all 4 pictures to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and ask your family friends and the rest of the world to follow larryroberts_jr on Instagram and subscribe to Larry Roberts Youtube channel to vote for you. You must post your pictures on your social media and tag larryroberts_jr on IG and tag Larry’s Barber College on Facebook for your votes to be casted. See you at the battle and may the best man or woman win. Click the link below to register! The entry fee is only $150.00.
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